Chris Towle
Computational Craftsman
'Solve et Coagula', to dissolve and coagulate.
  • C#,Python,HTML,SQL,PHP,CSS,AS2,AS3,Ladder Logic (PLC)
  • Web Server: IIS, Nginx, Apache, LEMP/LAMP stacks
  • Server OS: Windows Server, Linux Ubuntu Server
  • Other Technologies: Hyper-V, Micro Controllers (Arduino)
December 2011 - Present
C# Developer/IT Administrator/Plant 2 QA Manager
  • C# Developer
  • Developed a closed-loop control software to operate the power output of a proprietary system.
    • Interfacing a data acquisition board and a high speed camera with a proprietary system.
  • Re-wrote the Main Operation Software to track jobs through processing, for purposes of accountability, inventory, quoting, and invoicing.
  • Created programs to generate gCode and ABB .mod to remove the need for manual programming reducing set up time from 2 hours to 30 minutes.
    • Re-launched the company website to allow better cross platform browsing, web crawler access, and traffic monitoring.
    • Improved SEO and google rankings
    • Shot/edited videos and photos
    • Added a client Login In so they can track their jobs inside our shop.

  • IT Administrator
  • Networked a newly purchased sister workshop and ran 6000ft of CAT6 to a central server room, as well as the set up of all networking hardware.
  • Built a headless Ubuntu Server to act as a Primary Domain Controller, File Server, Print Server and Remote Access Gateway.
  • Upgraded the hardware of existing HP Windows 2008 Server.
  • Reconfiguring the Windows Server to act as a Remote Access Gateway.
  • Modified a Vista Pro PC into a simultaneous user machine to fix flaws in the Main Operation software's SQL Read/Write to allow multiple users a remote in and access the database internally, greatly increasing load times.
  • Refurbishing of a Nortel phone server for a sister workshop, allowing for loud speaker paging and call redirects between buildings.
  • General computer maintenance.

  • Plant 2 QA Manager
  • In charge of maintaining quality standards at plant 2, giving me oversight of our Laser Cladding/Hardening and Micro Laser divisions.
  • Responsible for maintaining controlled documents that dictate our procedures and standards.
  • Investigate the root cause and solutions to Non Conformance Reports.
  • Create maintenance and calibration schedules for critical machines.
  • Prepare the shop for external audits and perform walk throughs with auditors.
2008 - Present
  • Find new clients, perform pitches and quote jobs.
  • Custom software development with emphasis on web solutions.
  • Team management and workload delegation.
  • Technology Solution Consulting
2009 - 2011
Operations Manager
  • Modernized the hotel by bringing in web based bookings, and software based booking systems.
  • Exposed the business to new markets such as and Expedia.
  • Maintained strong customer relations.
  • Balanced the books.
  • Responsible for 10 employees consisting of front desk, house keepers, bar tenders, waiters and chefs.
George Brown College (Currently Enrolled Distance Education Course)
Electromechanical Technician Certificate
  • Studies focused on electrical theory and AC/DC Motors
George Brown College (2012)
Programmable Logic Controller Technician Certificate
  • Studied Ladder Logic and applied it to simulated environments.
International Academy of Design and Technology Toronto (2006 - 2008)
Video Game Design and Development
  • Programming, physics simulation, 3D modelling and animation, audio production and narrative.
  • Lead audio programmer for Space Race (trailer)
  • Developed the first multichannel, dynamically mixed sound track at the school.
Chris Towle
Phone: 519-613-8008
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